About me

I am Ellis and I was born in the Netherlands. From a young age I was dreaming about the world beyond my hometown. I was inspired by my mother who loved travelling just as much.

She fell in love with the Middle East and took me to Egypt when I was 14. Maybe, sometimes, my mother regrets this, because it ignited a strong wanderlust in me.

Ellis, as a solo female traveller in Iran
Yazd, Iran

Travel history

Since then, I visited over 60 countries, including a lot of unusual destinations that would be considered off the beaten path.

My special interest in the ancient Silk road as well as the Post Soviet World brought me all over Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia.

I travel like my mom once did. As an independent budget traveller, with just my backpack, a basic plan of where I want to go and some books to read along the way.

My mission is not to visit all the countries in this world, neither do I have a bucketlist. I like to get to know a place and therefore I try to spend considerable time there and also make an effort to go beyond the tourist trail. Nowadays, it’s called slow travel.

Ellis, as an independent budget traveller on the Dogu express in Turkey
On the Dogu express through Turkey

Travel and career

My passion to learn about other people and places in this world led me to get my university degrees in Psychology, Cultural Anthropology and Global Health. I specialized in South Asia and the Caucasus where I spent considerable time for my studies.

In between travels I live in the Netherlands where I now work at Sherpa with mentally disabled people. My flexible contract allows me to travel several months a year.

Ellis as an independent budget traveller in Lebanon
In Libanon

My travel blog

With this blog I hope to inspire you to explore this world no matter your age or gender. I met amazing woman in their sixties that were still travelling alone. It doesn’t need to be expensive either.

My blog is all about sharing my adventures as an independent budget traveller with you. Stories from extraordinary places that will make travel on and off the beaten path easy for you.