About me

I am Ellis and I was born in the small town of Hilversum in the Netherlands. From a young age I was dreaming about exploring the world beyond my hometown. I was inspired by my mother who loved travelling to the Middle East and took me on my first backpacking trip to Egypt when I was 14. Since then I took every opportunity I had to travel to unusual places, try out different cuisines and learn about other cultures.

My passion to learn about other people and places in this world led me to study psychology and cultural anthropology. I was idealistic and I worked hard to get a job in international development. After several volunteer projects in Eastern Europe and Ghana I found a job in Nepal and in Haiti. Slowly I realized that doing good is not so easy, even as a profesional. Now I believe you can contribute more to a country by visiting it as a tourist and supporting projects on the way. My first solo backpacking trip was to India. After surviving the madness and chaos there, I believed I could travel anywhere in the world.

With this blog I hope to inspire you to get over your fears and take the chance to travel no matter your age or gender. I met amazing woman in their sixties that were still travelling alone with a backpack. Travelling doesn’t need to be expensive. I always travel on a limited budget without compromising too much on comfort. My blog is all about sharing my adventures with you. Stories from unusual places that will hopefully inspire you.