10 top things to do in Jaipur: forts and monkeys

10 top things to do in Jaipur: forts and monkeys

Backpacking India: A travel guide to the best things to do in Jaipur for the independent budget traveller

This post is a travel guide with the 10 best things to do in Jaipur. One of the biggest cities in Rajasthan and part of the golden triangle. A tourist circuit that connects Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.

Back in 2007 when I first visited Jaipur I was travelling during the monsoon season when there were few other tourists in India. After travelling on my own through Rajasthan for 3 weeks I was in desperate need to meet some other travellers.

Although I am not a big fan of tours, they can be a great way to meet other people. Also, there were so many things to do in Jaipur, but it is a big city that overwhelmed me at first. Therefore I decided to book a citytour with the Rajasthan Tourist Office. I was looking forward to be able to talk english and exchange travelstories.

The next day I entered the tour bus to discover that the bus was full with South Indian families. None of them speaking one word of english. I was the only foreigner and a woman alone so I was welcomed by a lot of staring and giggling. It felt very uncomfortable at first but throughout the day I witnessed how friendly and welcoming Indian people can be.

I was quickly adopted by several Indian families that made it their mission to look over my well-being during this tour along the best things to do in Jaipur.They shared their food with me, bought me drinks and showed me around the sights. In the end this tour was a heartwarming experience showing me the true Indian hospitality.

India Jaipur

During my second visit I had more time to explore this big city and its surroundings. Below I will share my top 10 of things to do in Jaipur.

10 top things to do in Jaipur

1. Amber fort

The most beautiful fort I visited in Rajasthan is the Amber fort. The fort lies on top of a hill and the huge yellow fortifications look impressive from the outside. However, the real beauty lies within its walls. The fort has different rooms and inner courtyards, all decorated with care. Look at the details, especially in the mirror palace, to find unexpected beauty.

India Jaipur

2. Watch the views from Nahargarh Fort

Further up in the Aravalli hills you can find Nahargarh fort overlooking the city. The views are the main reason to visit this fort. The fort is not as impressive as Amber fort, but has a nice rooftopped terrace and a beautifully decorated entrance.

India Jaipur

3. The Gaitore Cenotaphs

The Gaitore cenotaphs are the place where many of the former royal rulers were cremated. This place gets surprisingly few visitors even tough the cenotaphs are very pretty. The detailed carvings in the marble tell many stories untold from the past. The cenotaphs are not far from the city, but the place is quiet and serene.

India Jaipur
India Jaipur

4. Galtaji: The nice monkey temple

Another place that gets few visitors is the local pilgrimage place called Galtaji. It’s a complex of several palaces and temples with very beautiful paintings inside. Galtaji is a peaceful place inhabited by peacocks and monkeys and is therefore sometimes also called monkey temple.

India Jaipur

5. Galwh Bagh: The dirty monkey temple

There are actually two monkey temples. Beautiful and clean Galtaji and the more famous, but dirty Galwh Bagh. People come here to feed the tame monkeys and other animals. The stairs leading up to the temple are lined up with beggars, animals and dirt.

It’s one of those Indian experiences you will never forget. Can I recommend a visit? The interaction between the monkeys, goats, pigs and beggars that call this temple their home is interesting to watch and the views on top of the temple are beautiful.

India Jaipur

6. City Palace & Janter Mantar

Jaipur’s city palace and the nearby Jantar Mantar, an old astronomical observatory, are among the top things to do in Jaipur. Quite busy, but interesting to see if you have the time.

India Jaipur

7. Walking around Jaipur

Simply walking around town without any specific goal is a nice experience in Jaipur. You will come across friendly people, temples and delicious streetfood options. The best place to walk around is near the city palace and the bazaar.

India Jaipur
India Jaipur

8. The bazaar

In the bazaar you will understand why Rajasthan’s capital is called the pink city with all it’s red and pink sandstone buildings. It is home to the famous Hawa Mahalthat is a high screen wall built so that the women of the royal household could look outside without being seen.

The bazaar is also one of the best places to buy your souvenirs with almost all handicrafts of Rajasthan for bargain prices. If you negotiate well most souvenirs are slightly cheaper than elsewhere in India and they have some original ones that we did not see in other places.

India Jaipur
India Jaipur

9. Al Umar restaurant

This was by far the best restaurant in Rajasthan I have been too. The kebabs are one of the best here. They come in gravy curries with different colours and tastes. The green coloured one (haryali kebab) was absolutely delicious.

The only other restaurant that came close was Time 2 Eat Mama Chicken in Agra

India Jaipur

10. Watch a bollywood movie at the Raj Mandir cinema

The Raj Mandir cinema is the best movie theater in Rajasthan. This is the place to watch a bollywood movie. Unfortunately they come without subtitles, but in most cases the storylines are quite obvious.

India Jaipur

Accommodation in Jaipur

1. Vinayak Guest house

The clean Vinayak Guest house was one of my favourite accomodations in Rajasthan. A nice rooftop restaurant, beautiful rooms, good Wi-fi and friendly people.

India Jaipur

2. Zostel Jaipur

Zostel Hostel is all over India and the hostel in Jaipur is good value for money.

Last updated: July 2019

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Backpacking India: A travel guide to the best things to do in Jaipur for the independent budget traveller
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  3. Aleney de Winter at 11:37 pm

    We’re considering a visit to Jaipur in July. Thanks for the inspiration. How many days would you recommend at a minimum?

  4. Rosie Benton at 7:31 am

    Awesome pictures! Love how you captured the lives of day-to-day people. We visited Jaipur almost six years ago, so your post bought back some great memories. Your food from Al Umar looks delicious!!

  5. Stephanie Fox at 12:20 pm

    I love the archways of Amber Fort! The views look just as incredible as inside as well. Traditional Indian food and kebabs sound mouth watering too

  6. Ada at 9:19 pm

    Jaipur looks like a wonderful place! To be honest I have never heard about it before, but now after reading your post I would love to visit ! The view from that fort is incredible! And the monkeys are so cute!!

  7. Stephanie Frias at 3:41 am

    What a great mix of tourist spots and lesser known destinations. I love it that you went on a tour looking for other travelers like yourself, but instead found yourself immersed in the regional culture. You probably would not have had the experience if you were not alone! Sounds like an interesting and peaceful day trip!

  8. ADAM DOOLITTLE at 7:52 pm

    Definitely a variety of wonderful spots here. The cenotaphs look particularly stunning. The carvings in the marble would be beautiful to see in person.

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    Amber Fort looks amazing! Ther are very beautiful sights in Jaipur…and those views! I also like the fact that you showed the people living there in your photos… brings that city to life!

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    Wow all those colours – a real onslaught on the senses. I love it. I could experience it so clearly through the screen with your pictures.

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    Jaipur looks so beautiful, I’ve been wanting to visit for a long time! Thanks for sharing some of the highlights, I’ll keep these in mind when I’m planning!

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