The Best Restaurants in Sarajevo on a budget

This post is about the best restaurants in Sarajevo on a budget. Sarajevo is one of my favourite cities in Europe and one of the reasons is its delicious Bosnian food on offer. In this post I like to introduce you to the best restaurants in Sarajevo and where to go for cheap eats in the city.

Have you ever heard of Bosnian cuisine? I hadn’t and wasn’t sure what to expect. I was positively surprised about the restaurants in Sarajevo and the traditional food they serve.

Bosnian recipies are hearty, delicious and flavourful with fresh ingredients and a moderate use of herbs and spices. If you know where the best restaurants in Sarajevo are, you will find homemade food cooked by perfection like only grandmothers can do.

After several visits, some restaurants in Sarajevo kept me coming back for more. Through them I discovered a lot of local dishes that I think are worth trying. This list of the best restaurants in Sarajevo is based on my own experiences and I haven’t received any favours for making this post.

The best Restaurants in Sarajevo – Old town

1. Inat Kuca

Inat Kuca translates as house of spite and is my number one among the best restaurants in Sarajevo. Not only is the food great, but it also has an interesting history.

At the end of the 20th century Sarajevo wanted to built the City Hall next to the river, but got into trouble with the property owners. One of them refused to move and requested his house to be rebuilt stone by stone in its original form opposite the river.

Since then it has become a symbol for Bosnian stubborness, defiance and perseverance. Nowadays, it is a restaurant with the best traditional food in Sarajevo.

Recommended dish: you should try the starter of Bosnian meats and the mućkalica, a meat stew with vegetables. The dolma (grape leaves filled with meat) is good too.

Location: Inat kuca is opposite the City Hall at Veliki Alifakovac 1

Inat Kuca is one of the best restaurants in Sarajevo
Inatr Kuca is one of the best restaurants in Sarajevo
Muckalica at Inat Kuca restaurant in Sarajevo
Muckalica stew

2. Zara iz duvara

Zara iz duvara is another great restaurant in Sarajevo for traditional food. However, they give their own twist to their recipies by using local herbs from the mountains.

Zara iz Duvara translates as the singing nettle. Nettle is their trademark, because of its healing properties. They have a creative and original menu that makes you regret you only have one stomach. The house specialities we tried were all delicious. This is really one of my favourite restaurants in Sarajevo.

Recommended dish: I can really recommend the nettle juice, the homemade bread with nettle and the Klepe ( Bosnian ravioli ) with nettle pesto.

Location: Zara iz duvara lies around the corner from the Sacred Heart cathedral

Zara iz Duvara was among my favourite restaurants in Sarajevo
Klepe with nettle pesto at Zara iz Duvara

3. Dveri

Dveri is a nice restaurant in the Baščaršija serving some of the best meat dishes in Sarajevo. The interior has nice decorations and people are very friendly.

Recommended dish: The sopska salad makes a great starter before you fill yourself with delicious chunks of well grilled meat.

Location: Baščaršija Prote Bakovice 12

Dveri is one of the best restaurants in Sarajevo for those that love meat dishes
Dveri is one of the best restaurants in the heart of the Baščaršija
Salad at Dveri restaurant in Sarajevo
Sopska salad

4. Aščinica Hadzibajric

The cheapest way to eat in Sarajevo is to visit an Aščinica, which basically means a place to eat. They don’t offer high cuisine and have basic services. However, locals come here for simple, traditional and filling meals. Aščinica’s offer ready made Bosnian stews and soups that reflects the more daily food that Bosnians eat at home.

Aščinica Hadzibajric is one of the oldest Aščinica’s in Sarajevo. The same family runs the restaurant and the traditional recipes are handed over from generation to generation. It is very popular among both tourists as well as locals, especially the older generation. Even though, they are in the middle of the Baščaršija it is easy to miss the small entrance.

Recommended dish: There is no menu, but you can choose from the pots and pans on display.

Location: Baščaršija Ćurčiluk Veliki 59

Ascinica Hadzibajric is one of the cheapest restaurants in Sarajevo
Aščinica Hadzibajric is one of the cheapest restaurants in Sarajevo
Food at Ascinica Hadzibajric
Simple, but delicious stew of meat and dolma

5. Aščinica Asdz

Aščinica Asdz brings the idea of the simple Aščinica to the next level and has a more organized and commercial approach to the original idea. Therefore it is not as cheap as other Aščinica’s and neither has it the authentic small scale atmosphere you will find in others. This is an upmarket Aščinica experience.

The concept is the same though, there are lots of dishes on display with traditional Bosnian stews to choose from. The food is nice and it is a great place in the Baščaršija to try Bosnian dishes that are not grilled meats or cevapcici.

Location: Baščaršija Ćurčiluk mali 3

6. Cevabdzinica Zeljo

Cevapi or Cevapcici is the balkan version of kebab and probably the most popular snack in Sarajevo. It is eaten in greasy pita bread, called Lepinja, with raw onions and coleslaw. If you like a quick and cheap lunch, Cevapi is the way to go. There are plenty of places to eat them. Just look for a Cevabdzinica. However, Cevabdzinica Zeljo offers some of the best in the Baščaršija.

Recommended dish: Cevapcici is their speciality and although you can get other grilled meats, such as pleskavica, I would recommend you to take cevapcici.

Location: Zeljo has two restaurants in the Baščaršija

Cevabdzinica Zeljo is the best restaurant in Sarajevo for cevapcici

7. Apetit

Apetit is not the cheapest restaurant in this list and the food is not necessarily Bosnian. However, when I was in Sarajevo it was the number 1 restaurant on TripAdvisor so I wanted to try it out at least once.

They have a rather unique approach and there is no menu. They will ask what kind of meat you prefer or whether you are vegetarian. The chef then prepares a dish for you using a mix of different cooking skills.

The food was of good quality and if you want to treat yourself in Sarajevo, Apetit is a good choice. It is a very small restaurant and places are limited so it is best to make reservations.

Location: Baščaršija Gazi Huzrev Begova 61

8. Dzirlo’s cajdzinica

The best place to have tea is at Dzirlo’s cajdzinica. It will be hard to choose from the extensive menu of herbal teas. The owner that looks like a wizard from Harry potter can advise you on the best tea for you.

The tea house is very small, but cosy. It is also a great place for people watching as people pass by on their way up to the yellow fortress.

Location: Dzirlo’s cajdzinica is near the Baščaršija on the road towards the yellow fortress

Dzirlo Cajdzinica
Dzirlo’s tea house in Sarajevo

9. Morica han

Morica Han is a nice tea house that is located in a historic building in the Baščaršija. It is the only remaining caravanserai in Sarajevo. Caravanserais are found throughout the Silk Road from Uzbekistan to Azerbaijan and Istanbul as well as Bosnia. These places offered food and accomodations for merchants and traders passing through with their camels or horses.

Morica Han was originally built in the 16th century. The ground floor was for the horses while the rooms for travellers were on the second floor. The courtyard now has a nice coffee house and restaurant.

Recommended dish: Although they also have food I went there for a drink only. It is a good place to try Bosnian coffee. Bosnian coffee is very strong and similar to Turkish coffee.

Location: Baščaršija Saraci 77

10. Kuca Sevdaha

Kuca Sevdaha is the best place if you want a small coffee break with something sweet. This teahouse is not only nicely decorated with an ambient courtyard, but also has some of the best Bosnian coffee and a good selection of Bosnian sweets

Recommended dish: There is a nice selection of Bosnian baklava. It is a good place to try Hurmasice (Bosnian cookies drenched in sugar syrup). Another recommended dish is the Bosnian national desert called tufahija. Apple with walnuts and cream in sugar syrup.

Location: Baščaršija Halači 5

Tufahija at Morica Han in Sarajevo
Tufahije en Hurmasice at Kuca Sevdaha

11. Rahatlook

Rahatlook is another great teahouse in the Baščaršija, because of its huge mugs of herbal tea. In addition they have delicious homemade cookies and cakes. Rahat is a specific bosnian word that is difficult to translate, but means something like feeling pleasant and comfortable with its surrounding. This place does justice to its name, because it is the perfect cafe to chill out.

Location: Baščaršija Ferhadija 41

Rahatlook in Sarajevo
Rahatlook is one of the best cafes in Sarajevo

The best Restaurants in Sarajevo – Suburbs

12. Park Prinčeva

I was in doubt whether to include Park Prinčeva among the best restaurants in Sarajevo. To be honest, Park Prinčeva is not the cheapest option and the food is forgettable.

However, they do offer the best view over the city. In addition, if you consider the location and the excellent service, the prices are still reasonable.

Recommended dish: I can recommend the palacinke with walnuts and honey for desert.

Location: Park Prinčeva is up the hills at Iza Hidra 7. Because it is difficult to find it is better to take a taxi.

Park Princeva is the best restaurant in Sarajevo for the view over the city
Park Prinčeva
Park Princeva in Sarajevo
Palacinke with walnuts

12. Café Tito

For everything about Tito head to café Tito near the history museum. The cafe is almost a museum in itself and will let you travel back in time. Some will say the good old times. For now it is the place to have a good cup of coffee or tea after you visited the history museum.

Location: Café Tito is next to the history museum.

Cafe Tito in Sarajevo
Cafe Tito

13. Slastičarna Palma

Last, but not least is Slasticarna Palma. It’s a bit far from the centre, but it has a huge variety of mouth watering pastries and huge cups of Lipton tea. Slasticarna Palma is a local secret and you are likely to be the only foreigner around.

Location: Porodice Ribar 5

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