Cesis Latvia: a beautiful medieval town

Cesis is a city in the Northeastern Vidzeme region of Latvia on the banks of the Gauja river. It is located in the Gauja National Park that is famous for its natural beauty and medieval castles.

Cesis in Latvia is not far from the capital Riga. It makes for a perfect day trip. However, I would recommend staying a day or two, because there is so much to see and do in the area

Cesis Latvia
Old town of Cesis

Why visit Cesis Latvia

Cesis is the third oldest city in Latvia. In the 13th century Cesis was the capital of Livonia and later became an important Hanseatic trade town in the region. Traders stopped in Cesis on their way from Riga to Tartu and Tallinn further north.

With its medieval castle and small old town it is a charming city. It’s easy to see everything in Cesis in one day, but to explore the nature of Gauja National Park you will need more time.

The Gauja river valley is at its most scenic between Cesis and Ligatne. With ravines and sandstone cliffs, it is an outdoor paradise throughout the year.

There are plenty of hiking and cycling trails. Both the Baltic forest trail and the Camino Latvia run through Cesis. A number of shorter day hikes into Gauja National Park start at Cesis as well, making this a great base to explore the National Park as an alternative to the more popular Sigulda.

Castle in Cesis Latvia
Cesis castle

Things to do in Cesis Latvia

Cesis castle

The Cesis castle was built in 1209 by the Livonian Order and the Teutonic knights. The castle flourished as one of the most important castles for the Livonians and throughout the centuries the fortifications were strengthened.

During the Livonian war in 1577 the Russians took hold of the castle. The 300 people within the castle saw their defeat coming and committed mass suicide by blowing themselves up with gunpowder.

The Polish Swedish war and the Great Northern War damaged the castle further and it fell into disrepair. By 1830 the castle estate belonged to the von Sievers family. They built a completely new castle and a park around the ruins of the old castle.

In the early 20th century the castles became state property and slowly some parts of the old castle were renovated. In 1974 archeological excavations found evidence of the 1577 explosion among other medieval items that you can see in the National History Museum of Latvia

Nowadays most of the castle is still in ruins and only repaired up to a point to make it safe for visitors. The tower did see major renovations and you can climb it all the way to the top for wonderful views over Cesis

Cesis castle
Cesis castle

Cesis new castle

The new castle of Cesis or the manor house of the Von Sievers family is now the History and Art museum of Cesis

The new castle has a tower as well with more beautiful views over Cesis and the castle ruins.

Cesis new castle
New castle of Cesis

Cesis Castle Park

The Cesis castle park was made by the Von Sievers family and is located right behind the castle ruins . It’s a romantic place with ponds and gazebos. Very scenic in winter when it is a winter wonderland.

Christ Transfiguration church

The Christ Transfiguration church that stands on the northeastern slope of the Cesis Castle Park is also the work of the von Sievers family.

The old Ekaterina church was in a bad state and the von Sievers rebuilt it into the current Christ Transfiguration church. The Russian orthodox church is still the main church for the small Russian community in Cesis.

Church in Cesis Latvia
Church in Cesis

Cesis Old town

Cesis Old town is small and due to wars and fires there are not many things left of its rich medieval past. The 18th century Harmony and Merchant houses are among the oldest buildings in the old town of Cesis.

Rozu square was the former city marketplace and is still the center of action with plenty of restaurants and cafes. A little bit further is the church square with the old man statue known as Old man’s time.

Saint John church

The Saint John church is the largest medieval church in Latvia outside of Riga. The church was built in the 13th century and is still an active Lutheran church

St John church in Cesis Latvia
Saint John church

KGB building and memorial

Near the Saint John church stands the Latvian police building. This used to be the KGB building where political prisoners were held in the cellars of the basement. 

In the courtyard there is a small memorial to the victims of communist repression in Soviet times. In Cesis alone there were almost 5000 people that suffered some form of soviet oppression and 643 people died as a result.

It’s a simple and sober memorial well worth a visit to learn more about this difficult and complicated time in Latvia’s history.

KGB Memorial
KGB memorial

Hanseatic city walk

For a nice city walk in Cesis I can recommend the Hanseatic walking tour. It’s a self guided walking tour through the old town of Cesis and beyond to see the most important sights.

Brochures with the route and background information are available at the tourist information center in Cesis or you can download it here

Hanseatic City walk in Cesis Latvia
Center of Cesis

Things to do near Cesis Latvia

Cirulisi Nature trails

Cesis is located in the heart of Gauja National Park and there are lots of hiking opportunities.

The Cirulisi nature trails also offer easy hikes close to Cesis. There are three trails ranging from 3 to 6 kilometers going through the forests of Gauja National Park.

Hiking in Gauja National Park
Nature trail in winter

River Amata

The river Amata is among the most scenic areas of Gauja National Park. The Amata trail is therefore among the most beautiful trails in Latvia.

It is a challenging trail of 22 kilometers that runs from the village of Amata to Veclaucu. You can hike it in one long day. Or divide the hike in two days by staying the night at the Karlamuiza Country Hotel in Karli. 

Cycling or hiking from Cesis to Ligatne

The Gauja river runs through the Gauja National Park. The stretch between Cesis and Ligatne is the most impressive part due to the sandstone cliffs and rocks.

There is a 28 kilometer cycle route or a 19 kilometer hiking trail from Cesis to Ligatne. When in Ligatne you can also visit an old Soviet Bunker

Nature in Gauja National Park
Gauja National Park

Erglu cliffs

The Gauja river valley is famous for its sandstone cliff walls. One of the most impressive are the Erglu cliffs that are 700 meters high.


The small town of Araisi, south of Cesis, is home to the Araisi archeological park. Next to the 13th century castle ruins is a reconstruction of a wooden medieval village. 

It’s like an open air museum and is scenically located on Araisi lake

Cesis Latvia travel tips

Where to eat in Cesis

Cafe Priede: Cafe Priede is a great cafe in the center of Cesis. I can recommend the salmon soup that was absolutely delicious. Great with the sweet potato fries.

Salmon soup at cafe priede

Where to sleep in Cesis

Cesis has plenty of accomodation options. Katrina is a budget friendly hotel with a central location in the city center. If you prefer an apartment you can’t go wrong with Piebalgas street appartment, also in the center of Cesis.

If you have your own transport you might want to consider staying in one of the elegant and ancient manor houses around Cesis. The Karlamuiza Country Hotel is a wonderful place to stay surrounded by the beautiful naturee of Gauja National Park.

Another unique place to stay around Cesis is in a treehouse. Treehouse Ciekurs is scenically located at a lake and makes for the perfect nature getaway.

Cesis Latvia

How to get there

From Riga there are frequent buses and trains to Cesis. The journey takes about 2 hours.

Trains leave from Riga pasazieru train station near the central market. You can buy tickets at the station or from the Latvian Railways online.

How to get around

Most things to do in Cesis are all within walking distance. The best way to get around Cesis is on foot.

When to visit Cesis

Cesis is the perfect destination for summer, but spring and autumn are also good times to visit the city. Winters can be cold, but the snow makes the town even more beautiful.

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